Hello Hugo

When I started this site I decided to continue using WordPress. The predecessor of this site was hosted by wordpress.com and is still available at https://danvers72.wordpress.com. But WordPress is just overkill for a website that has mostly static content. But WordPress itself needs some regular maintenance also. On a regular base you need to update your WordPress instance, the plugins that you are using, the themes you are using. And you really need to this to keep your website secure. If you don’t do that then eventually the risk of being hacked is getting higher. And if you host the website on your own server, you also need keep up to date with PHP and MySQL.

At one point I stumbled on Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator that generates just plain html. A huge benefit of this is that your website will be very fast. And because there is no need for a database or scripting you don’t need a lot of resources. So your hosting plan can be cheaper also. In some cases you even host it for free. On GitHub Pages for example. But also at wellknown cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google and more.

Why Hugo and not Jekyll?

It is possible to run Jekyll on Windows, but Windows is not an officially supported platform. Installing Jekyll will be a bit more work. So I googled for alternative static site generators and then I found Hugo. Hugo is supported on many platforms (linux, MacOS, Windows) and it is also very easy to install. There is even a portable version that you can use. On my Windows systems I use the package manager Chocolatey to install software. So it was very simple to install Hugo. From a command prompt administrator rights, CMD or PowerShell, you can run the following command.

choco install hugo

The above command will install Hugo and if there dependencies missing then these will be installed also.

Hugo has a bit of learning curve. You need to learn Hugo and also Markdown. You will write all your content in Markdown. So it might not be something for you. For me the tutorials from Mike Dane on YouTube have been very useful. His tutorials explain everything much better then I ever could do. So have look at his channel.

Another great resource is the book Hugo in Action from Atishay Jain.