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About me

2021 - present In August I joined Yoast BV as a DevOps Engineer. Which is very different then what I did before, but there are also some overlapping things. At Yoast I will be working mostly with Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Cloudflare, Jenkins and of course Wordpress and the Yoast SEO for Everyone plugin.

1996 - 2021 All round System Engineer based in the Netherlands working for InterNLnet. We provide shared and dedicated hosting for our customers on Linux and Windows.

I started working there in 1996 at the support desk. Around 2000 I moved to the IT department to work as a system engineer. Mainly responsible for the Windows Servers that we used for hosting. Later I also became responsible for the office servers, workstations, printers, office network. That work disappeared mostly when the company was acquired by Tele2. After that my focus was mostly on managing the Windows Server that we used for hosting.

Although I mostly work with Windows I am no stranger to Linux. The company is using mostly Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS) so I have to use these servers also. For reading log files, changing configs, manage firewalls and also do stuff with Puppet. Specially the last 3 years I have been working more and more with our Linux servers. It is a challenge but that is okay. I like to learn new things and experiment.

About this website

This site will be some sort of notebook for myself. And maybe it will be useful for other people also. Most entries will be like short notes. Occasionally it will be longer post, more like a tutorial or a how to. As I changed my job you can expect more DevOps related content here at some point in time.