Disable PowerShell beep on backspace

One thing that I have found very annoying of the recent PowerShell versions is the beep that you hear when you press <BackSpace> and hit the beginning of the line. First I thought it was a setting in Windows 10 but I could not find it. And apparently that is the wrong place to look for it. The beep sound is actually provided by the PSReadLine module which is used by default and also gives us these time saving keyboard shortcuts. [Read More]

PowerShell Shortcuts

Unix Shells have many shortcuts that make life easier when using the shell. What people often forget is that de good old Command Prompt also had shortcuts. HowToGeek wrote a good article about it. You can find it here. Recent versions of PowerShell also have even more powerful keyboard shortcuts. This are implemented by the PSReadLine Module. This module is included with PowerShell 5 and higher. The documentation can be found here. [Read More]